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IFTM fosters “Tourism+Technology” - Students Gained Alibaba ACA Certification
13/06/2022 039/REL/RP/2022

ive IFTM students have achieved their ambitious goal of gaining the certification of ACA Cloud Computing (Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate) which is a professional certification in IT industry. Thanks to the AAEP (Alibaba Cloud Academic Empowerment Program) partnership between IFTM and Alibaba Cloud launched last November.

This project is facilitated by Mr. Joe Lam, an IT lecturer at IFTM and also an Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional Trainer. Under this initiative, IFTM aims at raising the expertise of modern computing technology acquired by its students. Alibaba Cloud Academy offers state-of-the-art cloud computing resources to students who are registered in the AAEP which include a live cloud computing server and a set of advanced technology courseware in topics such as big data and machine learning. To further encourage students’ engagement, a free exam voucher of ACA Cloud Computing is offered to all registered students.

One of the five students, David Lei Kin Pong – a sophomore in Tourism Event Management programme – takes pride in his achievement and expresses his realisation of technology’s role in today’s industry. He asserts that the certification has raised his spirits for further studies and future pursuits in technology: “Technology is an important tactic to reach excellence in my professional field, I am looking forward to applying it in my current internship!”

This first batch of successful students will definitely carry on their technology journey and their achievement has set a role model for fellow students to harness information technology in their respective professional fields.

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