1+1 Dual Master's Programme

Master of Philosophy Programme 

The Master of Philosophy in International Hospitality and Tourism Management aims at preparing students for research and managerial positions in hospitality and tourism, equipping students with knowledge and skills in contributing to the advancement of the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as paving way for further research pursuit.

Master of Science and Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

The Master of Science and Postgraduate Diploma programmes aim at equipping the managers and future managers a combination of most advanced knowledge and management know-how in hospitality and tourism contexts. They feature a highlight on research and analytical competency development, an innovation orientation, as well as an exposure to real life management scenarios, all of which allow graduates to operate and manage in a highly dynamic environment. The programmes are structured by different combinations of learning modules, including internationalisation, hospitality, tourism, management, and project report/ internship & report.

Master of Science Programmes


 (Effective from academic year 2023/2024)  

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

*New programme(s) to be launched in academic year 2024/2025, subject to final approval.

Doctor of Philosophy 

The Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism Management is a pure research based programme which is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in academia or a research-related field. Students enrolled in this programme must complete a doctoral dissertation and successfully pass the dissertation examination for graduation. Each student will work closely with a supervisor or a supervisory team, with the support from school-wide research teams and departments. Graduates are expected to make positive contributions to the growth and enhancement of hospitality and tourism research and education.

Doctor of Business Administration

(Class schedule: Friday afternoon, Saturday & Sunday)

The Doctor of Business Administration offers a transformative educational experience that integrates rigorous academic study, advanced research methodologies, and practical application in the context of the business and service industries. They are designed for professionals who aspire to make a significant impact in the business world through leadership, research, and innovation. Graduates of these programmes will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to excel as industry leaders, consultants, policymakers, and academic scholars.

*New programme to be launched in academic year 2024/2025, subject to final approval.