iRetail Lab to Enhance Practical Learning

iRetail Lab is a training unit for Tourism Retail and Marketing Management Degree Programme, the iRetail Lab aims to provide a real business training platform for students to learn retail and marketing management related knowledge and put it into practice. Students will be led by course lecturers to learn practical knowledge related to retail management, marketing, merchandise management, inventory management, e-commerce, management information system, brand management, visual merchandising and store design. Through collaboration with local designers and retailer brands, by adopting a consignment operation model, the lab has created a real business environment for student to study the designed topics. An companion website has also been set up to facilitate students' learning in e-commerce and digital marketing field. Visitors may purchase the products through online or offline channels. Various in-store workshops will be hosted to enable students to gain comprehensive understanding in retail and marketing management, also to enhance our collaboration with the industry.




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