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Prof. Chin-Ee Ong delivers insights on qualitative research in lectures to postgraduate students in Hainan

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese
Hainan University-Arizona State University Joint International College of Tourism hosted in October IFTM’s Prof. Chin-Ee Ong, for lecture series on qualitative research

IFTM’s Prof. Chin-Ee Ong delivered in October a lecture series at the Hainan University-Arizona State University Joint International College of Tourism (HAITC). Its picturesque Mission Hills Campus in Haikou, Hainan, served as the backdrop for the academic exchange.

He presented 2 lectures on qualitative research to postgraduate students and faculty members of HAITC. The talks, on 18 and 19 October, were well received by attendees including senior figures at HAITC, namely Dean Prof. Wang Lin, Associate Dean (Teaching) Associate Prof. Li Ping, Associate Dean (Research) Associate Prof. Zhang Xianfeng, and other prominent individuals.

Prof. Ong expressed satisfaction with his 4-day trip, noting it was a “great success” in terms of meeting his objectives.

HAITC, located in Haikou, on Hainan island in southern China, is a joint college established in 2017 between China’s Hainan University and Arizona State University, in the United States.

Prof. Ong’s first lecture was an overview of qualitative research processes. A total of 10 HAITC graduate students and 6 faculty members attended in person. An additional 22 IFTM students, primarily graduate students, took part via video conference. Prof. Ong delved into topics related to the conceptualisation phase of research and thesis writing, providing valuable insights into the entire research formulation process, from topic selection to data collection methods.

The second lecture, attended on-site by 9 students and 8 faculty members from HAITC, and 13 IFTM students remotely, targeted advanced graduate students and early-career faculty members. It focused on the nuances and challenges of conducting and then publishing qualitative tourism research. Prof. Ong’s drew on his role as Co-Editor-in-Chief of Tourist Studies, a prestigious 22-year-old academic journal in the tourism field.

The academic collaboration not only enriched the educational insights available to HAITC and IFTM students, but also fostered cross-cultural interactions and a deeper cooperation between the 2 institutions. Prof. Ong’s lectures contributed to exchanges of knowledge and expertise in the field of tourism research.