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UTM master’s students visit DFS Macau to enhance knowledge of digital marketing

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Postgraduates gained insights into DFS Group’s digital marketing strategies and management of omnichannel commerce. Presentations by company representatives highlighted the importance of technological innovation in enhancing customer experience

A group of students enrolled on UTM’s Master of Science programme in Digital Marketing and Analytics visited the local facilities of international luxury travel retailer DFS Group on 14 March. The aim was to deepen students’ understanding of how such type of retailers, commonly with a presence in tourism destinations, is adapting to an increasingly digital landscape in order to maintain competitiveness.

The DFS Macau field trip was a component of the Luxury Retail in the Digital World course, a core element of UTM’s Master of Science programme in Digital Marketing and Analytics. Under the guidance of the course’s lecturer, students delved into DFS Group’s digital marketing approach and the company’s strategies for management of omnichannel commerce, encompassing its methods for overseeing marketing and orders across various sales channels.

The visit helped students link theoretical concepts taught in the classroom with real-world applications in industry, allowing them to gain a nuanced understanding of luxury travel industry trends and prepare for a possible career in this sector.

During the field trip, two senior members of DFS Macau’s management led a seminar titled “Luxury Retailer’s Digital Transformation”. The session featured an extensive presentation on DFS Group’s innovative strategies in this area, including digital-marketing case studies. Notably, the speakers emphasised the crucial role of actively making use of technological innovation to enhance overall customer experience.

Following the DFS Macau presentation, UTM students posed questions to the company representatives and participated in discussions on digital marketing and omnichannel strategies. The DFS Macau team replied, and shared with them insights on the latest industry trends and developments. The students expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage with industry experts, adding it had enriched their understanding of digital marketing and omnichannel strategies, and provided clarity on potential career pathways in luxury retailing.

UTM launched last year its Master of Science programme in Digital Marketing and Analytics. It focuses on the core areas of marketing and retail business management within the context of transition to digital methods. The programme is designed to prepare students for careers in tourism, luxury retailing and other related high-end service businesses, through solid training in digital marketing and business analytics.

Graduates of the programme, armed with advanced digital media communication and data analytical skills, gain the confidence to navigate a technology-enabled and data-driven service industry environment, and to assume leadership roles in pivotal marketing positions.

Content: Shea Qin Yusi, UTM master’s student in the Digital Marketing and Analytics programme
Editor: UTM Public Relations Team