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Slow Food Gala Dinner: A delicious success

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese

A group of Year 2 IFT students studying for the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Event Management held the Macau Slow Food Gala Dinner 2017 on 24 November.

The students staged the event with the help of the Macau Slow Food Association but they undertook the project entirely on their own initiative.

IFT holds the Macau Slow Food Gala Dinner at the IFT Educational Restaurant each year. Year 2 students in the Tourism Event Management bachelor’s programme arrange the event as an essential part of their Supervised Work Experience course.

About 90 guests attended the most recent dinner. The meal consisted of 3 courses from a fine-dining menu drawn up by the students.

The event also included an exhibition on the Slow Food movement. Supporters of the movement advocate that consumers should be encouraged to choose healthy food, preferably grown locally, instead of processed and packaged food; and to take their time preparing and enjoying what they eat.

The event was funded by ticket sales and sponsorships. A net profit of MOP14,925.70 was donated to WeFood Macau, a local non-profit organisation that works to reduce food wastage.