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IFT student wins best presentation award at Oxford conference

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IFT student Joanne Yu received an award for the best presentation at the 7th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management (ICITM 2018). The conference took place at Oxford University in the United Kingdom from 7 March to 9 March.

Joanne is in Year 4 of a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Event Management. She came from Chinese Taiwan to study at IFT.

Her paper, “Humanlike Robot and Human Staff in Service: Age and Gender Differences in Perceiving Smiling Behaviours”, was published in the conference proceedings. Joanne produced it under the supervision of IFT Lecturer Dr. Henrique Boyol Ngan.

About 80 papers were selected for presentation and publication at ICITM 2018 after being revised by an international group of experts. The purpose of the conference was to allow people in academia and industry to meet and tell each other about developments at the cutting edge in their field.

More info

Yu Chung-En: “Humanlike robot and human staff in service: Age and gender differences in perceiving smiling behaviors”, 7th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management (ICITM) – Conference Proceedings, pages 99-103, 2018.