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IFTM extends collaboration with Swiss Education Group through the launch of ‘4+1 Progression Pathway’

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese
New move opens doors for Institute graduates to further their studies in some of Switzerland’s premier tourism and hospitality education institutions, enabling the IFTM alumni to elevate their knowledge and broaden their horizons

IFTM is strengthening its global ties by unveiling the “4+1 Progression Pathway” in partnership with the Swiss Education Group. The agreement builds on the success of the existing “3+1 Dual Bachelor’s Degree Programme” jointly made available by the two sides. The fresh step provides IFTM graduates direct admission opportunities for additional studies abroad.

Under this initiative, after receiving a bachelor’s degree, and provided they meet admission criteria, IFTM graduates have the option to apply for direct entry to master’s degree programmes offered by three renowned institutions under the Swiss Education Group: the Swiss Hotel Management School, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, and the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland. These institutions currently hold respectively the third, sixth, and eighth positions worldwide for Hospitality and Leisure Management studies, as per the latest QS World University Rankings.

The collaboration between IFTM and the Swiss Education Group also introduces a tuition fee reduction incentive for eligible Institute graduates.

To formalise this extended cooperation, an e-signing ceremony was held earlier this month between IFTM representatives and ones from the Swiss Education Group.

The two parties started collaborating in 2022 via the introduction of a dual bachelor’s degree programme. This initiative provided selected IFTM students with the unique opportunity to spend a year studying in Switzerland, and to earn a bachelor’s degree from one of the schools under the Swiss Education Group in addition to their bachelor’s degree from the Institute.

Dr. Fanny Vong Chuk Kwan, President of IFTM, emphasised during the e-signing ceremony that the enduring partnership between IFTM and the Swiss Education Group underscored the shared commitment of both institutions to provide young individuals with unparalleled educational opportunities and the advantages of exposure to the best international practices.