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IFTM, University of Queensland host briefing on 1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese
Enrolment procedures and benefits of IFTM’s 1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme offered in partnership with Australia’s University of Queensland were highlighted in the briefing

To encourage IFTM students to take advantage of the many academic opportunities available to them, IFTM conducted a briefing on the 1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme offered in collaboration with the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia on 29 January. Mr. Michael Chen, Regional Manager for Greater China matters from UQ’s Faculty of Business, Economics & Law, participated in the event via video call, offering insights into the programme.

Launched in academic year 2022/2023, the 1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme enables eligible postgraduate students at IFTM to pursue a portion of their studies at UQ. On successful completion of the dual programme, participants are awarded a master’s degree certificate from IFTM, and also receive a master’s degree certificate in Tourism, Hotel and Event Management from the Australian institution.

During the session, Mr. Chen engaged with IFTM students, discussing various aspects of the UQ experience. This included information on living conditions, weather, the cost of living, and a comprehensive campus overview. He also provided a detailed outline of UQ’s academic strengths, and background information about its faculty members and researchers.

Practical details of the 1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme were covered, including communication between IFTM and UQ departments, programme entry requirements, and the availability of scholarships.

Mr. Chen highlighted UQ’s global standing. It is 43rd worldwide in the QS World University Rankings 2024, and secured 51st position in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2023. UQ clinched 8th spot in ShanghaiRanking’s 2023 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects in the field of hospitality and tourism management, showcasing its expertise in this area.

Addressing the timelines for completing the Tourism, Hotel and Event Management master’s degree programme at UQ, Mr. Chen explained: “For students from tourism, hospitality and event backgrounds, one and a half years is needed. For students from other academic backgrounds, typically they need two years to complete all course credits.”

“For IFTM postgraduate students, they can transfer their IFTM credits and save half a year, fulfilling the graduation requirement and obtaining the master’s degree from our side,” Mr. Chen explained, making reference to the 1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme.

Applicants interested in joining the programme must have completed a bachelor’s degree programme in event management, hospitality management, hotel management, or tourism management, with a GPA of 4.5 out of 7. Applicants from other bachelor’s degree programmes also can be considered, and their study plan will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Successful completion of the first year of study in any of the eligible IFTM master’s degree programmes and proficiency in English are also the prerequisites.

Mr. Chen reiterated UQ’s commitment to excellence through the offer of scholarships to outstanding applicants. “We welcome IFTM students to take the opportunity and come to UQ,” he said.

Participating in the briefing session via video call was Rachel Li Minyi, a postgraduate student from IFTM’s Master of Science programme in International Hospitality Management. As the first participant in the 1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme, Rachel is currently completing the UQ segment of her studies. She praised the academic environment at the Australian university and highlighted the supportive peer network available to her.

Rachel described the scheme as “an unique chance” for IFTM postgraduate students, and expressed confidence that it would bring happiness to those who choose to embark on this academic journey.

The next round of applications for the 1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme is scheduled to run between March 15 and 31. “I’m looking forward to seeing your faces at the UQ campus,” Mr Chen said at the end of the briefing.