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IFTM graduate’s research showcased in leading international journal

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese
Ms. Joyce Chen developed her IFTM bachelor’s degree thesis into an academic paper, crafted in collaboration with IFTM Lecturer Dr. Vicky Chen. The paper has now been published in the scholarly journal Tourism Recreation Research

Ms. Joyce Chen Xilei, a recent graduate of IFTM, has achieved academic recognition with the publication of a research paper in the scholarly journal Tourism Recreation Research. Ms. Chen’s work – involving collaboration with IFTM Lecturer Dr. Vicky Chen Zhaoyu – delves into the influence of video content in developing the gastronomy-related image of a tourism destination, and such material’s impact on tourists’ intention to (re)visit that destination.

Ms. Chen first tackled the topic for her graduation thesis at IFTM. The initial research not only helped her attain her Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Business Management, but also earned her a ‘Best Paper Award’ at the 2023 edition of the Tourism Education Student Summit. Such summits are staged annually by the Institute, and aim to recognise and promote outstanding research produced by IFTM students.

Building on her initial research, Ms. Chen expanded it with Dr. Chen’s help into an academic paper titled “Impact of video content on gastronomic image construction and tourists’ intention to (re-)visit Macao”. It was published in late December in the online version of Tourism Recreation Research. (Click here for access to full paper).

“I believe that writing an academic paper and conducting research is not solely about building a foundation in scholarly work”, says Ms. Chen. “It is also a means of refining my knowledge, allowing me to apply what I’ve learned into practical scenarios.” 

Reflecting on her research journey, she emphasises the supportive environment at IFTM, praising the Institute for the resources provided to students, including access to diverse academic databases through the IFTM Library. She also highlights the valuable guidance offered by her research supervisor.

“When I encountered challenges midway through my research, my supervisor helped me a lot in offering diverse angles on my topic,” recalls Ms. Chen.

She is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Hotel Management at the University of Surrey, in the United Kingdom. The latter is a partner institution of IFTM. Just last year, the two sides launched a dual master’s degree programme.

Ms. Chen is confident that her IFTM experience has prepared her well for the challenges of crafting a master’s degree thesis. Comparing her graduation thesis at IFTM to her ongoing academic pursuits, she recognises the valuable skills she gained at the Institute in terms of data retrieval, methodology, and academic writing style.

“The most important aspect lies in progressing through the research step by step, presenting the entire piece in a coherent and professional manner,” says Ms. Chen.

As a student from the Mainland, she is grateful to have experienced IFTM’s international outlook and its English-medium programmes, helping her to make an easy transition to studying in the U.K.

“It didn’t take me long to get myself used to the environment here. I attribute this to my time at IFTM,” she remarks from her current European location.