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IFTM Wine Appreciation Club works with Portuguese winery on wine pairing dinner

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A dinner showcasing the products of Portuguese winery Quinta da Marmeleira included cooperation with the IFTM Wine Appreciation Club

The IFTM Wine Appreciation Club, an affiliated organisation of the IFTM Student Union, played a significant role in leading a wine pairing dinner at the Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau hotel, at the invitation of the event organiser, Portuguese winery Quinta da Marmeleira. The latter is controlled by Macao-based interests.

The dinner, held on 7 March, featured six premium wines – reds and whites – from Quinta da Marmeleira, paired with contemporary Western delicacies prepared by the chefs of Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau.

Mr. Oscar Ho Man Cheng, Lecturer at IFTM’s School of Hospitality Management, and Institute student Diana Shi Wen Zeng, President of the IFTM Wine Appreciation Club, jointly acted as hosts for the dinner.

The duo explained the unique characteristics of each wine, as well as the components of the various dishes served, illustrating how the food and wine complemented each other.

Approximately 40 guests attended the event. Diana’s presentation, done to a professional standard, received high praise from the organiser.

Content: Mr. Oscar Ho Man Cheng, IFTM Lecturer
Editor: IFTM Public Relations Team