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From Macao to Queensland: seizing opportunities of Dual Master’s Degree programme

中文摘要 / Summary in Chinese
Postgraduate student Rachel Li from IFTM shares insights into her Australian studies as part of the ‘1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme’ established between the Institute and The University of Queensland

In an innovative step taken during the 2022/2023 academic year, IFTM introduced a ‘1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme’ in collaboration with The University of Queensland (UQ), one of Australia’s leading teaching and research higher education institutions. Rachel Li Minyi, a postgraduate student from IFTM’s Master of Science programme in International Hospitality Management, is among the first people to take part in the scheme. She talks of a “transformative” journey.

Rachel, currently in Australia where she is undertaking her second year of postgraduate studies under the ‘1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme’, describes her experience so far as “an enlightening journey filled with academic and personal growth.” The collaboration between IFTM and UQ, benefitting from the latter’s “unique courses, diverse teaching methods, and extracurricular activities,” provides students with a global perspective that enriches their understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry, she says.

The programme allows eligible postgraduate students pursuing a master’s degree at IFTM to undertake a portion of their studies at UQ. Upon successfully completing the 2-year dual master’s programme, participants will receive a master’s degree certificate from IFTM and one from the Australian institution.

Rachel expresses her excitement about the nature of the scheme, noting it is fulfilling her goal of studying abroad to broaden her horizons. She highlights UQ’s diverse course offerings as one of the dual degree’s standout features, complementing IFTM’s course portfolio and providing “fresh knowledge and unique perspectives” aligned with industry trends.

She comments: “These courses offered me a more comprehensive understanding of the industry.”

According to her, studying in Australia has not only expanded her academic perspectives but has also given her fresh insights into the international tourism and hospitality industry, especially within the Australian context. “This global outlook is invaluable for understanding the industry’s direction and prospects.”

Rachel commends UQ’s distinctive teaching approach, where courses are divided into lectures and tutorials. She finds tutorials, with their personalised interaction, instrumental in seeking answers to individual questions and engaging with classmates from a variety of backgrounds.

Beyond the classroom, Rachel highlights the abundance of extracurricular activities at UQ, from volunteering opportunities to collaborative exchanges with local businesses. Brisbane, the city where the university is situated, adds another layer to the experience with its abundant sunshine, lively lifestyle, and diverse cultural and sports events, she says.

Rachel emphasises that joining the ‘1+1 Dual Master’s Degree Programme’ was a straightforward process, thanks to the extensive support from both IFTM and its Australian counterpart. She encourages fellow postgraduate students at IFTM to seize the “remarkable opportunity” offered by the programme, in order to enrich their worldview.

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