Venue Fees

Venues Price MOP/HKD
Hourly rate
Grand Hall (3,000 sq feet) $6,000
Amphitheatre (4,400 sq feet) $4,000
Auditorium (700 sq feet) $3,000
Pousada Conference Room (1,200 sq feet) $4,000


  • A minimum of 3 hours rental is applied if set-up is required. 
  • An additional charge will be incurred if an extra technician is requested to support audio & visual equipment (Charge will be calculated on an hourly basis).
  • Any applications should be made in writing and submitted to IFTM a minimum of 60 days prior to intended use (including information such as applicant’s nature of establishment, proof of Macao SAR Government registration, etc). The objectives, full details of the intended usage and a list of invited participants have to be clearly stated on the given application form, and any other related information should be submitted at the same time.
  • In principle, advance applications of more than 6 months prior to intended use are not normally accepted; however, IFTM management board have the authority to consider approval for applications beyond 6 months.
  • Following receipt of a written approval, if applicants wish to cancel or reduce the number of hours of usage, an application in written format must be submitted 30 days prior to the date of the event. In the event of failure to comply the Institute reserves the right to charge the original rental fee and to reject any future applications.

All venues are equipped with up-to-date audio/visual equipment:

  • Personal computer
  • Audio recorder
  • Visualiser
  • Multi-media projector
  • Microphones
  • Free internet and Wi-Fi access

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