Ready for employment      
Ready for employment

UTM degree graduates are in demand among employers, not only for their knowledge and competence in the field of tourism and hospitality, but also for their versatility in other industry sectors as well as their ‘soft skills’ gained from the University. UTM’s degree curriculums are structured with a balance of both theoretical and practical components, thus giving our graduates a competitive edge upon their graduation.

The University’s latest UTM Alumni Employment Survey in 2021 covering alumni graduated in 2018 or before indicated that some 23% alumni were employed as “senior level or higher” roles. More than 3,600 alumni responded and the overall response rate stood at 47%. About 58% employed respondents were working in the tourism and hospitality industry, with majority engaged in mega integrated resorts and entertainment complexes. Some 13% alumni respondents reported they were working in public administration. The median salary of alumni respondents was significantly higher than MOP15,800 median monthly earnings of the overall Macao workforce in 2021 (source: Statistics and Census Service). Respondents graduated between 1995 and 2000 had the highest median salary, at MOP57,500. The median wage level was most modest among those graduated between 2016 and 2018, standing at MOP20,500.

 Postgraduate opportunities to TOP universities       Postgraduate opportunities to TOP universities

University graduation is the starting point rather than the ending point of higher education. There are many people choosing to continue their studies to learn more professional knowledge and skills for their future occupation. According to the latest UTM Alumni Employment Survey, Mainland graduates accounted for a considerable proportion for further studies and got higher degree. According to QS World University Rankings 2024, 47% Mainland graduates were admitted to top 100 well-known universities. What's more, 26% were admitted to top 50 universities in the world. This was a gratifying result.

TOP universities admitted UTM graduates include but not limited to: National University of Singapore, University College London, Cornell University, The University of Melbourne, Peking University, The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales, University of Toronto, The University of Edinburgh, Columbia University, Nanyang Technological University, The University of Hong Kong, The University of Manchester, The Australian National University, The University of Queensland, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Northwestern University, etc.