This request form is for posting job information offered to our current students registered in the Bachelor Degree Programmes. The following conditions must be met:

  1. The job nature is related to our study majors;
  2. The job duty schedule should not interfere with students’ study;
  3. The job must be offered directly by the employer and not through a third party;
  4. The job must comply with Macao labour legislations and must not be related to gaming, and of unethical, immoral and obscene nature;
  5. The job environment must be suitable for students;
  6. The job must benefit the students in terms of gaining useful work experience;

The final decision of whether or not to post the recruitment information solely rests with the Institute for Tourism Studies.

Required fields are indicated with *

1. Company Name  *
2. Location of work  *
3. Position  *
4. Duty  *
5. No. of helpers requested  *
6. Duration of work (dates)  *
7. Time slot needed  *
8. Working hours per week  *
9. Remuneration  *
10. Requirements  *
11. Contact person  *
12. Contact information: email  *
13. Tel  *

14. Submission of valid Macao Commercial Registration document:  Please email relevant document issued by the Macao SAR Government (SOFT COPY) to  We will post your message to our students once it has been received. *

15. Please indicate your acceptance in the above conditions by ticking the box below:  *