IFTM Students Collaborate on Rural Revitalisation Project in Jiangmen Rural Village

The Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) is dedicated to offer students with practical opportunities related to entrepreneurship. Students from Tourism Retail and Marketing Management programme have embarked on an industrial project aimed at supporting the rural revitalisation of ChaKeng Village in Jiangmen.


This project is a collaborative effort guided by Dr. Fernando Lourenço, Assistant Professor of IFTM, and backed by the Guangdong Youth Federation, Macao Youth Federation, Macau-Guangdong Youth Exchange Promotion Association and Macao Foundation. Students participated as members of the "Beautiful Village Planning and Construction" Youth Service Team launched by the Guangdong Youth Federation.


The project began with an extensive site visit to Jiangmen Chakeng Village and its neighbour Chenpi Village. After the visit, the students analysed the locations and compared ChaKeng Village to successful rural revitalisation initiatives from around the world. Combining meticulous research and innovative thinking, the student teams developed product concepts centred around the renowned and nationally recognised top-quality tangerine peel (chenpi). Furthermore, the students devised rural tourism strategies that effectively showcased the distinctive elements of the village. They employed three-dimensional design and visual aids to illustrate their ideas vividly. The project’s outcome was a collection of ideas for product diversification, mainly focusing on utilising the village’s tangerine peel and proposed improvements to the local tourism offerings to attract more frequent visitors.


This project enabled the students to channel their acquired knowledge in marketing and branding into real-world applications, offering them invaluable first-hand experience in national rural revitalisation strategies. Additionally, it served as a unique platform to engage with the Greater Bay Area, unfurling many career and entrepreneurial opportunities.


IFTM prioritises a pedagogical approach that melds theoretical learning with practical application. This methodology enriches students’ educational journey and contributes positively to local communities, establishing a symbiotic relationship between academia, government and the industry.

IFTM Students join the local traditional folk custom as volunteers

Students of the Bachelor of Science in Cultural and Heritage Management programme at the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) recently participated in the local intangible cultural heritage festival, the Macao Festival of the Drunken Dragon, to experience and learn the atmosphere and values of the traditional festival as volunteers.

The Macao Feast of the Drunken Dragon and the Lion Dance Gala is a traditional folk custom in Macao. It is an annual event organised and celebrated among fishmongers, and was successfully listed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Macao and the National Representative List of Intangible Heritage Projects in 2009 and 2011, respectively. The event is organised by the Associação dos Comerciantes de Peixe Fresco de Macau, representing seven local markets located on the Macao Peninsula: Complexo Municipal do Mercado de S. Domingos, Complexo Municipal do Mercado de S. Lourenço, Mercado Municipal do Bairro Iao Hon, Mercado Provisório do Mercado Vermelho, Mercado Municipal Horta da Mitra, Complexo Municipal do Mercado de Tamagini Barbosa, and Mercado Municipal do Patane.

On the night of the seventh day of the lunar calendar of April, Macao fishmongers gather with friends, families, and volunteers to enjoy a Dragon Boat Rice traditional gathering dinner – ‘Poon Choi’ (Basin Meal) in front of their markets. During the banquet, Macao fishmongers and performers perform the drunken dragon dance and conduct a ritual ceremony. On the eighth day of April, the Association’s members gather in front of the Pagode Sam Cai Vu Cun, where they perform Taoist rituals, a Drunken Dragon and Lion Dance Parade, and distribute Longevity Rice for free in each market, symbolising the spirit of “selflessness”, “dedication”, “gratitude”, and “unity”.

Ms. Kate Kwan, an IFTM alumna of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Business Management, who is also the coordinator of this year’s event, has been sharing the origin, inheritance, and conservation of this traditional festival with many students from various disciplines for long. This year, she successfully engaged 17 undergraduate students from IFTM to this meaningful event. The students are mainly from the Cultural and Heritage Management, Tourism Business Management, and Tourism Retail and Marketing Management degree programmes. They actively served as volunteers to this event while helped preparing for the Free Longevity Rice Distribution at the Mercado Provisório do Mercado Vermelho. The students experienced and deepened their understanding of the festive atmosphere and culture through volunteering. They realised the significance of festivals as a community-based practice, inheritance, and deeply felt the social values and cohesive forces of this traditional folk custom. The students unanimously expressed that such practical activities enabled them to deeply penetrate and experience local traditional customs in the community, as well as enriching their knowledge and memories. Students also expressed their willingness to participate again next year.

This festival also gained support from the active participation by the IFTM faculty members and scholars. Through working within the community, both teachers and students can fully experience the uniqueness and value of this tradition regarding its role in representing Macao’s intangible heritage.

IFTM Educational Restaurant revitalises traditional Macanese dishes and launches Saturday Macanese buffet and retail products

In 2021, the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) was appointed as the protection unit for national intangible cultural heritage linked to Macanese Gastronomy. As such, IFTM is responsible for the promotion and inheritance of this cultural heritage and must take measures to prevent it from disappearing. Chefs of the Educational Restaurant have been committed to the study, preservation and revitalisation of traditional Macanese recipes and therefore, nostalgic dishes such as stuffed bitter gourd (margoso lorcha), fried vegetables with shrimp paste (bredo raba raba), starfruit sambal (sambal de carambola) and jaggery egg (jagra com ovos) became part of the current restaurant menu. Other products such as Macanese shrimp paste (balichão), fig syrup (xarope de figo), cornstarch cookies (genetes) and winter melon jam (doce de camalenga) are available for sale at the retail corner. Macanese traditional cakes including coconut cake (bolo menino) and pineapple cake (bolo de ananás) are also available for guests to order and share on festive occasions.

For the ones who would like to savor many Macanese dishes at once, IFTM Educational Restaurant is now offering its Signature Macanese buffet on Saturdays, for lunch and dinner. Patrons of the restaurant can also learn more about this cultural heritage with the materials displayed at the Macanese Gastronomy Corner. The materials include valuable manuscript recipes, cookbooks, magazines, academic dissertations and videos.

Opening days and hours:

Monday – Saturday: Lunch 12:00-15:00 / Dinner 18:30-22:00

(Sunday and public holidays are by appointment/reservation open for events, meetings, or functions and require a minimum spending)

Kindly contact the Educational Restaurant at 8598 3077/3168 for any questions.

澳旅院為教職員舉辦關注學生精神健康講座 (Chinese only)

澳門旅遊學院一直重視學生的身心健康發展,並致力推廣關注學生的精神健康。為了讓教職員對學生情緒和壓力有更深了解,教務部學生事務處早前舉辦“辨識青少年的壓力行為及處理方法” 講座,向前線教師及職員介紹有關精神健康的概念,如何辨識和應對青少年面對壓力和心理健康發展的需要,共19名教師及職員參與。是次講座邀請到何家輝博士擔任主講嘉賓。




澳旅院全力支持抗疫工作 在不同崗位注入力量




澳旅院學生響應“全民國家安全教育日” 參與認識《憲法》、《基本法》與《維護國家安全法》關係專題講座 (Chinese only)



駱教授清楚說明國家安全是安邦定國的重要基石,國家統一和國家發展是互相依存,是人民安居樂業的最佳保障。講座上詳述了國家安全理念的十一個領域,包括政治安全、國土安全、軍事安全、經濟安全、文化安全、社會安全、科技安全、資訊安全、生態安全、資源安全和核安全;並闡述如何全方位保護國民,構建沒有外部威脅與侵害,也沒有內部混亂的狀態。駱教授還分享了兒時的記憶及長輩的苦難經歷,如何從中感受“有國才有家” 的深刻體會,確立貢獻國家和投身一國兩制事業的志向和理想。講座內容豐富,讓人心靈共鳴;同時,透過真情實意的分享,旁推側引地讓學生反思國民身份的角色,在共享國家和民族榮耀的同時,青年一代在維護國家安全及持續發展的應有擔當。他還寄語學生要以建設現代化強國,為實現中華民族的偉大復興而努力。


IFTM students offering marketing ideas to entrepreneurs in the creative industry

Students from the Tourism Retail and Marketing Management programme engaged in an industrial project to help a group of dynamic young entrepreneurs who started a very innovative company called MacCrew. This is an eclectic lifestyle business where arts, fashion, lifestyle and F&B are merged to create an innovative space for consumers to experience. As part of the business model, sports shoes or sneakers customisation service is one of the key elements of MacCrew. Customers pay for the design and customisation service for their chosen shoes.

As part of the industrial project, IFTM students developed innovative guerrilla marketing strategies aiming to help MacCrew to generate maximum media impact and alternative business models that allow the brand to market million-dollar custom shoes. The founders of MacCrew, Allen Choi and Michael Mak were impressed with the presentations from students and noted that several ideas could be followed up.

The course leader Dr. Fernando Lourenço emphasised the importance of engaging local stakeholders to create meaningful projects where multiple parties can benefit from the process. In this case, higher education institutions support local entrepreneurs whilst creating a better learning opportunity for students that goes beyond textbooks.

澳門旅遊學院助戒毒康復協會營運咖啡館及畫廊 (Chinese only)


為幫助戒毒人士重新融入社區,澳門戒毒康復協會於九澳七苦聖母小堂旁開設Hold On To Hope Cafe咖啡館。協會主席羅專一(Augusto  Nogueira)表示,營運咖啡館具雙重意義,一是讓康復者獲得重返職場所需的技能,二是為暫時留在協會的人士獲得工作和財政支持。畫廊也有雙重功能,既為展示完成藝術療程的學員作品,亦成為來自其他非牟利社團的年輕藝術家的作品展示空間。他強調,兩者雖非以營利為目的,但仍需用心經營,逐漸地以商業營運模式、提升服務質素、持續改良餐飲出品,最終目的是讓康復人士擁有一技之長。



IFTM students volunteer on project to support education in Congjiang

A group of 20 IFTM bachelor degree students used the Christmas break to travel to Congjiang County to volunteer on a project to support education at a local school. The project took place from 20 to 26 December at the Congjiang Second National High School. It was jointly organised by the IFTM Volunteer Circle, the IFTM Alumni Association and the Education and Technology Bureau of Congjiang County, and sponsored by the Higher Education Fund of the Macao SAR government. The organisers’ aim was to strengthen English-language education in Congjiang, and to promote exchanges between young people in Guizhou and Macao.

IFTM students participated in an essay contest to promote positive energy

In order to encourage Macao youths to pay more attention to the people and events in Macao during the epidemic, to promote positive energy and to express their feelings in the face of the epidemic, Macau Association of Jiangmen Youths organised the 6th "Macao in my eyes" essay contest. IFTM student Lucy Zhang Zhanyue was awarded the third prise in the open category. IFTM actively encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities to explore their potential, allowing them to enjoy the fun of after-school activities while learning and fostering their diversified development.

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