In order to combat the prevailing threat of Novel coronavirus pneumonia, IFTM Management and heads of administrative departments had an emergency meeting to discuss a series of anti-epidemic measures on 25 September 2021. A contingency taskforce reviewed the existing Crisis Management Plan which covers a contingent plan about the “Outbreak of Contagious Diseases” and all units are implementing appropriate anti-epidemic measures to safeguard the health and safety of all staff and students.

Infection Prevention and Control Measures

  1. The taskforce was activated.
  2. Crisis Management Plan under ISO22301 Business Continuity Management System was activated.
  3. Sanitizing gels are provided at main entrances, restaurant, libraries and reception counters.
  4. Public areas such as handrail, washrooms and elevators are being disinfected 3 times a day with chlorinated water (1:99).
  5. Face masks are provided to those personnel in need.
  6. IFTM also refers to the guidelines of the Health Bureau of Macao SAR Government for hygiene and safety management.
  7. Body temperature check points have been set up at all campus buildings and hostel entrances. All personnel entering the campus must have their temperature taken. IFTM also refers to the guidelines of the Education and Youth Development Bureau of Macao SAR Government, all faculty members and college students must present proof of having received at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, or proof of a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test result issued within seven days when entering the campus.
  8. All personnel entering the campus must wear face masks and they should pay attention to their personal hygiene.
  9. Scan venue code and present your “Macao health code” to the security before entering the campus.  (you might also need to present your student/staff/ID card for identity verification if necessary)

Hostel Arrangement

Hostel residents who are staying in Macao now should refrain from going out as much as possible and take personal precaution. Residents should consult doctor immediately if you develop any symptoms of sore throat, cough or fever, etc.


Please check the latest quarantine measures upon arrival before entering Macao. For hostel arrangement and inquiries, please contact:

Latest Updates and Enquiry

During the anti-epidemics period, IFTM will provide timely information to staff and students. We also hope that all IFTM members could cope with our arrangement, stay tuned for our updates on our official website and emails.

Type Department Email address Contact number
Campus anti-epidemic affairs Campus Management Division 85983150                          
Class arrangement  Admission and Registration Division  8598-3042 / 8598-1512
Security counters
(24 hours)
    8598 1111 (Mong-Ha Campus)
8598 2222 (Forward Building)
8598 4000 (East Asia Hall)
8598 2077 (Jubilee Building)

More Anti-epidemic and Personal Hygiene Information

  1. Telegram by News Bureau of Macao SAR Government:
    [Please download Telegram app in your device and press the link to subscribe this channel for the latest news published by the Government.]
  2. Health Bureau special webpage against epidemics (latest news)

Anti-epidemic and prevention work is everyone’s responsibility.
Thus, we appreciate cooperation from all staff and students to follow and
cope with our arrangement. Please have good self-protection,
refrain from going out and avoid crowd aggregation in order to
minimize the risk of the spread of the infectious disease.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation. Wish you good health!

Updated: 21.06.2022