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IFT Hones Management Skills via its Tourism Education Student Summit – 2018 event hosted by Regency Art Hotel
6/13/2018 1468/025REL/RP/18

The Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) is collaborating with the Regency Art Hotel Macao in hosting this year’s Tourism Education Student Summit – 2018 event (TEd Summit-2018). This is a full-day event held on 13 June 2018 from 0930 to 1715. The TEd Summit – 2018 is an opportunity for the top 20% of graduating students to showcase their research findings.


The inclusion of a research thesis, as a capstone graduation requirement, ensures that IFT senior students have capacity, not only in practical operations but in analysing and understanding how to utilise current trends in the industry.  The institution believes that characteristics which separate managers from operational staff are evidenced by the ability to see problems and/or opportunities and respond in ways that create a new improved reality.  By ensuring that its daytime Bachelor of Science (BSc) students are required to complete an individual research thesis or project before graduation, students are challenged to demonstrate this capacity.


IFT is the only higher education institution in Macao that includes this individual research component as a requirement for all its Bachelor of Science undergraduate candidates. Built-in to the design of the research component, the TEd Summit event series are an opportunity for the public to preview the next generation of future hospitality and tourism leaders, who have their finger on the pulse of the current state of affairs within the Macao tourism industry.  As a public higher education institution in Macao, IFT considers this element of its curriculum a flagship endeavour designed to develop future managers by guiding students through a scientific process of investigation and equipping them with essential managerial tools in the process. 

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