1. Type of contract

Individual service contract (個人勞動合同)

2. Remuneration

Annual taxable remuneration:

(Effective from 1 January 2024, according to Law No. 22/2023)

Professor                                 MOP$1,013,320  to     MOP$1,355,480                                                             
Assistant Professor                                 MOP$710,640  to     MOP$1,000,160                                                             
Lecturer                                 MOP$565,880  to     MOP$710,640                                                                   
Instructor                                 MOP$421,120  to     MOP$671,160                                                        

Monthly taxable remuneration:

(Effective from 1 January 2024, according to Law No. 22/2023)

Group of staff Categories Monthly Taxable Remuneration (MOP$)
(Effective from 1 January 2024, according to  Law No. 22/2023)
1.° 2.° 3.° 4.° 5.° 6.° 7.° 8.° 9.° 10.°
Faculty member Professor 72,380 76,140 79,900 83,660 87,420 92,120 96,820
Assistant Professor 50,760 53,580 56,400 59,220 62,040 66,740 71,440
Lecturer 40,420 42,770 45,120 47,940 50,760
Instructor 30,080 31,020 32,900 35,250 37,600 39,480 41,360 43,240 45,590 47,940

*The current local income tax rate ranges from 7% to 12%. Exchange rate: USD1 ≈ MOP8

3. Main Allowances

3.1 Annual Leave Bonus – is payable in June upon completion of 1 year of service and is equal to one month's remuneration.

3.2 Christmas Bonus – is payable in November on a pro-rata basis based upon the time of service provided within a calendar year.

3.3 Provident Fund Scheme – we have Provident Fund Scheme for our staff.

3.4 Fringe Benefits
Benefits include Housing Allowance (MOP$3,760); Family Allowance (MOP$940); Wedding Subsidy (MOP$4,230) and Birth Subsidy (MOP$5,640). All benefits are subjected to the fulfillment of application requirements

4. Leave

4.1 Annual Leave

The staff member who has provided continuous service at the University for more than one year, shall be entitled to an annual leave of 22 working days in each calendar year, without prejudice to any deductions required by law.

4.2 Marriage Leave

An unmarried employee shall be entitled for a period of 10 consecutive working days of marriage leave upon his/her marriage.

4.3 Maternity Leave

A female employee shall be entitled for a period of 90 consecutive days of maternity leave upon giving birth.

4.4 Paternity Leave

A male employee shall be entitled for a period of 5 working days of paternity leave upon the birth of his child.

5. Medical Assistance

Employee is entitled to medical assistance and medication, as per protocol signed between UTM and the Health Bureau of Macao SAR, and by deduction of 0.5% to the monthly remuneration.

6. Maximum Age Limit of Appointment

According to our Personnel Ordinance, the maximum age limit of appointment is 65 years old.

7. Termination of Service Contract

Either of the parties may rescind the contract but a 90-day prior notice period shall be provided by the party who rescinds the contract. Failure to comply with the required notice by the party who rescinds the contract, shall entitle the other party to receive compensation corresponding to the Contractee’s basic remuneration in respect of the number of days missing from the prior notice period.

8. Confidentially

Employee may not disclose any of the affairs of the Macao University of Tourism and students during or after his/her employment with the Macao University of Tourism.

9. Other Conditions

Conditions not specified above are governed by the "Estatuto do Pessoal Docente e de Formação Profissional de Hotelaria do IFTM" (IFTM Personnel Ordinance for Academic and Professional Hotel Training Staff) as well as Decree-Law no. 45/95M of 28th August, and, additionally, the policy of the Macao Special Administrative Region concerning work relations, Labour Relations Law" No.7/2008.

Remarks: The above terms and conditions are subjected to change according to the laws of Macao and the University’s internal policies.


FAQs on Terms of Appointment

Teaching appointments are one-to-two-year contracts. However, the contract is renewable if both parties are satisfied with each other.

As a public institution, the official contract will be signed in either Chinese or Portuguese, so we are going to send you a translated version of the contract.

The academic staff is entitled to take 22 days leave, to be enjoyed during school recess. The scheduling of leave requires notification to and authorization from the superiors.

No, we only offer Family Allowance for dependent children. Full-time staff of UTM can get MOP940 allowance per month for each dependent child under 18 (if above 18, must provide testimony that the child is still pursuing education). The accompanying spouse can also apply for MOP940 allowance per month if his/her income (working in Macao) is less than MOP 4,700 per month.

You can visit this website http://www.dsej.gov.mo for information about education. There are a few international schools in Macao whose medium of instruction is English.

Yes, provided the dependent children and spouse are beneficiaries of our family subsidy (refer to question 3). If the spouse does not benefit from our family subsidy, the medical coverage will only be extended to him/her when his/her local employer provides a declaration that medical benefits are not provided to him/her.  The above is subjected to the terms and conditions as stated in the employment contract and the University’s medical assistance policy.

UTM only pays return passenger air ticket (one-way ticket) to foreign full-time staff (work permit holder only) when s/he repatriates (return to homeland).

Yes, we have Provident Fund Scheme for our staff.

We have not yet a system for sabbatical. For conferences, our academic staff are encouraged to represent UTM at international conferences. There are conference grants available that cover airfare, conference registration fee, and accommodation throughout the conference period for the first application in any academic year. For subsequent attendance at conferences in the same academic year, UTM only sponsors the registration/application fee and airfare.

Yes, you can. We encourage our academic staff to engage in academic research. To qualify for this grant, the applicant should be an UTM full-time academic staff member. The topic of the research should be related to the tourism or hospitality industry in Macao or in the region. The final research report should be published or publicized mentioning the author's affiliation to UTM.

Yes, but limited to your academic field. We also need to obtain approval from the authorities.

Normally, part-time academic load is limited to 4 hours per week.

No, full-time academic staff cannot conduct personal business.

As for consultancy jobs, according to UTM's "Regulation Governing Contracted Research and Consultancy Projects" only those within the scope of activities and interests of UTM and those related to the academic staff's field of expertise can be considered. In cases where consultancy jobs are approved, UTM has to enter into a contract with the clients and receive payment directly from them. Then, after deduction of overhead charges of around 15-30%, the rest will be redirected to the staff, subject to professional tax (7% - 12%) . Receipts from part-time and consultancy jobs in any one year should not exceed 27. 5% of the staff's annual before-tax salary.

Remarks: The above terms and conditions are subjected to change according to the laws of Macao and the University’s internal policies.

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